PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: The Rapid Deploy Guy System – Speed, Accuracy and Reliability

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: The Rapid Deploy Guy System – Speed, Accuracy and Reliability

US Tower Corp’s patented Rapid Deploy Guy System (Patent # US 8,627,614 B2) was designed to allow operators to install and tension guy cables for a tower without the use of any tools or tension measuring devices making the guy procedure extremely rapid, accurate and reliable. The system is made up of guy cables with snap hooks for attachment to the tower and swaged balls for come-along attachment.  Come-alongs are used to tension the guy cables.  Guy tension indicators are included for a visual indication of proper cable tension. 


The guy cables are attached to the tower before the tower is tilted and extended.  After the tower is extended to full height and lockouts are set, the come-alongs are attached to the guy cables.  A cable connector mounted to the end of the come-along cable attaches to a swaged ball on the guy cable.  The come-alongs are then attached to the lower anchor points.  The cables are then sequentially taken up to the proper guy tension as determined by the tension indicators.

Other commonly used guy systems require the use of a hand held tensiometer, such as the one shown below, to check the guy cable tension.  The operator must first determine the diameter of the guy cable in order to select the proper riser number.  If the incorrect riser is used the tensiometer will produce incorrect readings that could result in over tensioning or under tensioning of the guy cables.  A reading taken with the hand held tensiometer must be compared to a calibration card that is unique to the specific tensiometer it is calibrated to.  See a sample calibration card below. There are many opportunities for error and improper tensioning of the cables.  Over tensioning of the guy cables can result in damage to the tower and create dangerous conditions for the operators.  Use of the rapid deploy guy kit with built in tension indicators eliminates the possibility of all of the potential operator errors associated with hand held tensiometers.


Watch our video demonstrating the ease of deployment of an RMTU656MDPLGO 56’ mobile trailer unit, complete with the Rapid Deploy Guy System here: US Tower Corp – RMTU656MDPLGO Tower Deployment Demo