US Tower Corp. supports surveillance and communications markets for both commercial and military with three groups of products (fixed, mobile and integration) and has locations over 255,000 sq. ft. and 200 Ac. (CA/KS/AL). We offer Military and Commercial products and hold several patents. US Tower Corp. proudly fabricates over 85% of all product lines in-house, here in the USA.

US Tower Corp. is ISO 9000 certified (all facilities) and has won multiple awards for outstanding support (see our awards section here). We support the full life cycle (prototype to production) and deliver an average of 40 of our large towers per month during peak production. We have delivered over 1,200 products in support OIF/OEF, and over 5,000 for AB-1386 QEAM in addition to providing engineering analysis and testing (wind loading) for both USA and USMC.

Our products are designed and tested to military specification including:

–     Mil-Std-810

–     Transportability Testing including:

  • Munson Road Course
  • Perryman Road Course
  • Rail impact testing
  • C130 Load on/off
  • CH47 Airlift

US Tower Corp.’s Engineering capabilities include:

–     Structural Engineering

–     3D modeling & Analysis

–     FEA/Structural Analysis

–     PCB design and fabrication

–     Cabling and harnesses Design

–     2D Solid Works Design/CAD


Our Manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Machine Shop – All CAD/CAM capable:

–     multi-Axis CNC machining centers

–     CNC laser that can cut up to 300” per min. and 1” thick steel

  • Welding (MIG & TIG) all welders AWS D1.1 certified and in-house CWI
  • Electromechanical assembly and integration.




Fabrication Equipment


Amada CNC Laser

Amada CNC

Amada CNC Laser cuts up to ¾” steel with water at more than 300 inches per minute and holds sheets up to 5 ft x 10 ft.

Amada CNC Press Brake 220 Ton capacity with 168” bend length for steel sheets up to ¾” thick.

Amada CNC Turret


Amada CNC Turret Punch Up to 8 ft x 10 ft steel sheets up to ¼” thick with 58 station turrets.

HAAS VF-3 4 Axis Vertical machining centers with 24 + 1 Turret tool loader (tool changes in less than 1 second).


Production & Assembly


Trailer Manufacturing and Assembly


Trailer Manufacturing and Assembly at our Kansas Facility. Harnessing the power of “The Great American Assembly Line” , US Tower generates a production output yield second to none in the industry.

Tower Section Assembly in process at our California Facility.


Welding Capabilities


US Tower uses welding process controls in compliance with the AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code of Steel, an American National Standard approved by ANSI. Specifically, Pre- Qualification of Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS) per AWS D1.1 Section 3 and Welder & Operator Qualification per AWS D1.1 Section 4. We utilize an in-house staff of Certified Weld Inspectors, and all US Tower processes, procedures, and qualifications are prepared and administered by AWS CWI-06120851.

Welding Capabilities
At our Headquarters in California, Certified Welding Specialists weld trailer sections.



Welding Capabilities
Lattice tower segments are welded by Certified Welders at our Kansas facility.

Aluminum welding by a Certified Welding Specialist in California.


Verification of overall system performance to meet customer needs can be provided by performing full scale simulated wind load testing at the US Tower outdoor test range. This facility can currently perform full scale testing on tower systems up to 120 feet in height. Tests can be performed in multiple directions with varying simulated loads as needed. Component and sub-assembly testing can also be conducted at the on-site Engineering R&D Test Lab.

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Each US Tower starts with our Engineering R&D team. Our experienced, professional staff of mechanical, electrical, structural engineers and designers are among the finest in the industry. With decades of experience in all aspects of tower design and product development for the communication and security industries, we are focused on meeting your individual needs.

Our engineering team thrives on developing innovative new designs that are simple to operate, yet flexible enough to accommodate your special equipment and requirements. We do this by combining our experience and innovation with the use of state of the art design tools such as 3D solid modeling and finite element analysis.

In addition to design and analysis our capabilities include systems and component testing. This testing is conducted at our California facility. Here we perform full scale simulated wind load testing as well as component testing to verify actual performance.

Our engineering team strives to provide quality, innovative, user friendly products and service that exceed our customer’s expectations. When others think a job is too difficult to be done, that is when we know we have to do it!

Meet our Core Engineering Team
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  • Ken Pereira

    Senior Project Manager

    Ken Pereira - Senior Project Manager

    Ken Pereira is a Senior Engineering Project Manager.  He has been involved in the design of towers and related  systems and components for over 25 years.  Much of Ken’s tower experience has been in support of all branches of the Armed Forces.  Ken provided production engineering support for the AB1309(V)/TRC in the 1990′s and is the inventor of the AB1386/U QEAM mast.  Ken experience also includes several years providing design and engineering support for aircraft maintenance stands primarily for the United States Air Force.

  • Daryl Stisser

    Project Manager

    Daryl Stisser - Project Manager

    Daryl Stisser is an Electrical Engineer and Program Manager. Daryl is a retired Veteran of 23 years as a US Navy Chief Petty Officer. While in serving his country, Daryl served as an Aviation Maintenance Manager, Instructor, Inspector, Supervisor, Quality Assurance Representative, and Technician. Daryl was the recipient of several awards including two Navy Commendation Medals, four Navy Achievement Medals and many other Letters of Commendation. He has over 3 years of experience related to electrical/electronic systems for towers, trailers and shelters. He performs Electrical Design, Analysis, Integration and Troubleshooting of Power Distribution including AC/DC/Solar applications, tower control systems, wired/wireless networks, and video surveillance systems. As a Program Manager he is also responsible for leading, coordinating, and monitoring scheduling, pricing, and technical performance of company programs.  He also assists in generating pricing and technical sections of proposals.

  • Stacey Perez

    Mechanical Draftsperson

    Stacey Perez - Mechanical Draftsperson

    Stacey began employment at US Tower in 2004 as an Assembly Line Lead, manufacturing the AB 1386/U QEAM (Quick Erect Antenna Mast) under a contract for CECOM.   While In this role up to 300 QEAM units per month were manufactured.  During this time Stacey also gained Quality Control experience assisting with First Article Inspections, developing Acceptance Test Procedures and assisting with tower testing.   Stacey became a member of the Engineering department in 2009.  Stacey’s hands-on manufacturing experience and her SolidWorks experience that began in 1998, coupled with her “get it done” attitude have made her a key member of the Engineering team.  Stacey’s past experience has also included projects associated with developing a new wing stand for the B-1 Bomber and a three story maintenance structure for KC-135 aircraft.


US Tower Corporation Quality Policy: US Tower is committed to providing the highest level of quality and support attainable to our customers.  Our objective is to meet and exceed customer requirements and expectations through continual improvement of our Quality Management System.

US Tower's Quality Management System is third party registered in accordance with ISO 9001:2008. We are a member of AWS, ASNT, ASQ, and SME and are a four-time recipient of the Raytheon Supplier Excellence Award.