US Tower Corporation Overview and History

US Tower Corporation was originally formed from the purchase of Tristao Tower in 1985, which invented and developed the telescoping tower nearly 85 years ago.

Our current product line includes telescoping tubular masts, self-supporting and telescoping lattice towers (standard and custom), mobile tower units, custom-built structures as well as a full line of accessories to accommodate antenna and feed line support.

Our stationary towers include our telescoping tubular towers with a variety of options: standard, self-supporting and rotating. Our line of lattice style self-supporting towers (they also telescope for added convenience and ease of maintenance) come in a variety of styles to fit any need, including our compact TMM series, our standard TX series and the heavy duty HDX series.

Our Mobile Tower Units (MTUs) or COWS (Cell on Wheels) are our crowning achievement; we have led the way with groundbreaking innovations! By combining the strength and versatility of our steel telescoping towers with the freedom and portability of a trailer we have helped to usher in the cellular and wireless age. These units can provide communication in the worst possible terrain and have been used to help our troops stay safe on foreign soil.

Throughout the years, UST has emphasized the highest product quality and responsive customer support by investing in excellent new equipment, facilities and – most of all – people. Our support staff offers technical assistance and support to all of our valued customers, no sale is ever final!



OurComapnyAward1_400x264 Certificate of Excellence

Supplier Excellence Excellence Adward

US Tower is proud to be a 4-star rated supplier for Raytheon. This is an excellence award presented for exemplary achievements and performance.

Customer Satisfaction

We are proud to have an open rating from our clients of 94 out of 100 as rated by Dun and Bradstreet. Once a design has been completed, US Tower will deliver to the customer, a custom designed product with production line speed and performance. UST has proven time and again that it is the fastest turnkey tower company in the world (from Design to Manufacture to Delivery). Our quality products make us an industry leader that is dedicated to ensuring all of our customers are satisfied.

“Over the last 6 years, US Tower has provided superior tower and mast platforms, engineering support and customer service to the ARMY, USMC and most importantly the Soldier. On behalf of the ARMY, I have personally worked with US Tower employees and management on three unique tower platforms and various other support products varying in scope from concept, development, manufacturing, testing and final delivery. It has been my experience with US Tower that they will deliver nothing but the best products and services to their customers. US Tower is always ready and willing to exceed customer expectations by going the extra mile no matter how big or small the task. US Tower continues to be the industry leader in tower and mast platforms with a niche ability to deliver ruggedized commercial off-the-shelf systems to the military branches that will already meet or exceed military standard requirements and testing. US Tower’s quality and service exemplify their commitment to excellence.”

- Billy Smith, System Quality Engineer – US ARMY

“PM Integrated Tactical Systems has used US Towers’ 80, 107 and 118 foot tower systems since 2005 to elevate various sensor payloads. The towers have been used in all kinds of weather, and environmental conditions. They have performed admirably – taking gunshots, mortar rounds and everything else the Army and Marines can throw their way.”

- William E. Read, Deputy Program Manager – Integrated Tactical Systems

US Tower has deployed over 1,000 RMTU3107MDPL and RMTU480MDPLGO towers in every type of location; from combat zones in the middle east, to tower enthusiasts’ back yards around the world. Time and again, US Tower is the turnkey solution for towers and tower equipment on the cutting edge of technology.